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Guardian Care Group provides Non medical In- Home Care assistance to seniors and individuals with disabilities, such as Personal Care, Sitter Services, Transitional Care, Homemaker, End of Life Care. All of these services can help with the daily activities of living. It's important to know that In Home Care goes hand in hand with Home Health Care.

If your loved one has been ordered by their doctor to have home health care, which is a medical service provided in home, it may be a necessary to think about having a non medical provider as well. Those who need visits from a home health nurse or therapist often have limitations that prevent them from bathing, cooking, running errands or performing other everyday routine tasks needed.

In-Home Care

Personal Care Services

From head to toe, your loved one wants to feel and look their very best. Our at home personal care and hygiene services can assist with a range of care and grooming depending on your need to keep each client clean, comfortable, and looking their best. We advocate that each client complete and participate in as much of their personal care so they remain as independent as possible, but when sensitive and potentially hazardous tasks become challenging, often times a little help from a personal care assistant can prevent injury. As a non-medical alternative to in home health care agencies, Guardian Care Group offers home care services to assist older adults with personal care.

A Confident Start to the Day:

  • When you or a loved one wake, often the first task at hand is using the bathroom. A referred personal care assistant can assist with using the restroom, showering, brushing the teeth, and then getting dressed for the day.

For Less Mobile or Bedbound Adults:

  • A referred personal care caregiver can assist with re-positioning in bed to avoid bed sores, bed pans, adult briefs, a sponge bath, and even range of motion activities.

Full List of Personal Care Services:

Bathing, Bed bath, Tub bath, Shower, Sponge bath, Shampoo, Brush teeth, Denture care, Dressing, Grooming Comb or brush hair, Skin care, Perineal care, Change adult briefs, Assist with bedpan, Assist with urinal Assist with commode, Reposition bed-bound clients to help prevent skin breakdown, Assist with active range-of-motion activities.

Homemaking Services

As your loved ones age, many seemingly simple daily household activities and chores become significantly more difficult. Homemaker care ensures food stays fresh, obstacles that can cause falls are eliminated, and clean clothes are always available. With regard to in home care for the elderly, help often just means a second hand helping with the daily tasks. Senior homemaking care can also be a great relief to family members who find themselves balancing time to keep their own home comfortable.

As a respected home care company, Guardian Care Group refers caregivers who are able to provide a wide variety of non-medical in home care services and duties, including:

  • Meal planning, preparation and service
  • Wash dishes
  • Light housekeeping (vacuuming, dusting, cleaning client’s bathroom, kitchen maintenance, etc.)
  • Personal laundry and linens
  • Make/change bed
  • Help with organization – clean closets, sort photos
  • Shopping
  • Errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Incidental transportation
  • Out-of-town travel accompaniment
  • Pet care
  • Plant care
  • And many more at client’s request.

Companionship Services

When we age, life slows down a bit. There is suddenly more time to socialize, yet it’s not always easy to plan social activities around everything else we have going on. Whether you live across the country or across the street from your aging family members, it helps to know they have someone nearby who can be there for senior companion care purposes. Because sometimes finding the right home care for your loved one is about just knowing they have a friendly, compassionate companion who visits regularly.

Companion care is one of our most frequently requested services. When a referred non-medical caregiver provides in home companionship care, a trusted companion can keep your loved one socially engaged at home, and also accompany them to visit friends, family, and other social events.

The following are just a few of the companion care services that Guardian Care Group referred caregivers offer:

  • Social events and friend visits
  • Shopping and errands
  • Personal correspondence and memoirs
  • Prompts and reminders
  • Scrapbooking
  • Gardening
  • Home projects
  • Safety and security
  • And more

Transitional & Sitter Services

Sometimes caring for your loved can be rewarding, but at times can also become overwhelming and at Guardian Care Group we definitely understand. Non Medical guardian services provide the support for the caregiver.

Everybody deserves a break, the opportunity to spend some time alone or with your family or children without interruptions. You are not alone, over 50 million Americans share in the responsibility of caring regularly for a senior.

We provide professional in-home care for seniors or adults that require assistance temporarily, either for a couple of hours or a few days so that they can attend to other matters such as the following:

  • Business Traveling
  • Personal Vacations
  • Doctors Appointments
  • Shopping
  • Personal Errands
  • Or simply alone time
  • If you are caring for your love one and have limited support, a Guardian is for you. It is very important that you take care of yourself, so that you can continue to care for your loved one.

Guardian Care Group refers caregivers who offer sitter services for elderly individuals to full-time family caregivers. Guardian Care Group sitter services that the referred caregivers provide can allow you the freedom to take a much-needed break from your caretaking responsibilities on occasion. As a responsible caregiver, you should embrace sitter services as an opportunity to recharge, refresh and renew your caretaking spirit, energy and enthusiasm.

Sitter services, or relief care, offers family caregivers a chance to step back and take a break from the caregiving situation.

There will be days that test your limits as a family caregiver. When you have children, you care for them. When you have aging parents or relatives, you care for them. As a member of the “Sandwich Generation,” you are sandwiched between two caretaking roles — caring for your child and your aging parents. Both roles are very different, yet equally important and time consuming.

It’s hard to think of your own needs at a time when others need you. You might feel guilty — as if you are neglecting your loved ones — but this cannot be farther from the truth. Sitter service offers family caregivers relief from caregiving, allowing them to recharge and reset emotionally as well as physically to avoid caregiver burnout.

Remember, sitter services re not about abandoning or “passing off” your family caregiving roles. It’s about finding the right balance for your family and your peace of mind. You put so much time and energy into caring for your loved ones; you deserve to care for yourself a little bit, too.

End of Life Care

Few of us are comfortable talking about death, whether our own or a loved ones, it is a scary subject for many. The end of life, no matter how long and well lived, can bring with it a sense of loss and sadness. It can also be a reminder of our own mortality, so we may avoid even thinking about death. This is normal, but death is normal too.

Our Guardians are trained on how to deal with death and dying. Proper communication and the ability to make your love one as comfortable as possible through this process.

There is no easy or comfortable way to deal with expiring of your love one, but you don't have to go through it alone. Sitter services can be a very useful services that can allow you to have a break while knowing that the dying person is being well cared for.

What is Hospice and Palliative Care

  • Hospice care provides symptom relief and emotional-spiritual assistance to individuals who are in the last stages of a serious illness and their families. Palliative care focuses on making the afflicted person feel comfortable. Supplemental non-medical home care, such as personal care and companionship, can provide additional support to you or your loved one during the process of hospice and palliative care.
  • Both physical and emotional-spiritual dynamics take place during this challenging time of transition. Having lived a life of purpose, a hospice diagnosis means precious time should be celebrated and spent surrounded with friends and family. Our approach to end of life care is simple: do everything possible to enable quality time among immediate family and friends. Hospice care at home can give families and their elderly loved ones the chance to spend more time together in a setting that is as familiar and comfortable as possible.
  • Accepting the response to a hospice illness should include accepting help with needs. While hospice care treats the palliative needs or control of pain, the needs of a hospice patient vary widely. These needs can include resources for practical information, closing loose ends financially and emotionally, and having someone to guide you and the family through the process. Over time the intensity of needs may increase to physical and spiritual needs. While you may directly or indirectly care for a loved one during this time, your needs should not be neglected. The balance of ensuring a safe transition for your loved one and handling your everyday routine can be challenging. This is where having a palliative care support team can be of great comfort and service to you and your loved one.
  • A referred caregiver can assist with supplemental personal care, homemaking, and companionship when you need a little help. Not only can these services aide your elderly loved one receiving hospice care, but having a little extra help can give you balance and focus on quality time. Our caregiver registry has many professional caregivers who have experience working with hospice patients. Not only do we use our Care Assure Screening System to find the best senior hospice care givers in the market, but we’ll match your loved one using our Care Pairing Process with a caregiver who has compassion, integrity, and experience working with hospice-bound clients.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Although there is no cure for Alzheimer's or Dementia disease, good support and quality care can make things a little bit easier. At Guardian Care Group we believe that the right approach can help you love one maintain a high quality of life even when facing memory loss.

Our Caregivers are specialized through precise and extensive training to care for individuals that suffer with this disease.

Memory Care

  • The need for meaningful activity and connection is important for those affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, your loved one may have difficulty concentrating, processing information and remembering simple items or tasks. In later stages, individuals may be unable to care for themselves on a daily basis without aid. Home care is an option for providing support to individuals with memory loss without moving them from the home or residence they’re comfortable in.
  • Alzheimer’s home care is accomplished by working with both home health agencies and non-medical home care companies. A Guardian Care Group specializes in referring highly qualified and compassionate Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers to provide non-medical in-home care for seniors with memory loss.
  • Your efforts to assist a loved one with dementia care can be very frustrating, especially when confusion, withdrawal, wandering, or mood swings occur. You must seek supportive care if you feel unequipped to provide for a loved one. We are happy to speak with you about Alzheimer's non-medical home care options so you feel prepared when help is necessary.

The Guardian Concierge

Senior Concierge Services

Are you a son or daughter that does not live in close proximity of your love one? Maybe the demands of your children or work are so overwhelming, that you just don't have the time to tend to simple, non emergency things that your love one need?

Well you no longer have to feel guilty, Guardian Care Group has the perfect solution and we are here to help! In addition to all of our care services, we can coordinate any task, big or small, from the routine to the unusual and everything in between. 

Our Concierge Service, or Lifestyle management service is a ONE STOP SHOP for that senior that is the pretty sharp and mostly independent, but use a go to person for simple lifestyle situations.

That's why we call it : The Senior Concierge, Our concierges are readily available to assist in coordinating the following services:

  • Provide Companionship & Socialization
  • Bill Management and Organization
  • Coordination of Handyman Services
  • Medical & Therapy Appointments
  • Coordinate Minor Housework & Chores
  • Internet, Computer, Tablet Assistance
  • Social Media (Facebook), Smart Phone Assistance
  • Pet Care Assistance
  • Plan Day trips & Activities
  • Dining Out
  • And Much More